“Food for Thought” 151 Folgen März 2006 bis Ende 2013

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“Food for Thought” 151 Folgen März 2006 bis Ende 2013

von apoll » Mi 12. Feb 2014, 17:41

Die ersten 151 Folgen von “Food for Thought. The Joys and Benefits of Living Compassionately and Healthfully. In Other Words: Vegan.” (also alle bis einschließlich Dezember 2013) gibt es jetzt als Torrent:

Somit erspart man sich iTunes oder Flash, und wenn man später doch den Podcast auf iTunes abonnieren will, kann man die Files gleich unkompliziert importieren (es sind nämlich die unveränderten Files von iTunes, bloß dem Dateinamen wurde stets das Datum zur chronologischen statt alphabetischen Sortierung vorangestellt).

Hier die Liste der ersten 151 Folgen von “Food for Thought”:

060308 The Protein Myth and Vegetarianism

060329 What’s wrong with eating eggs since the chickens aren’t killed
to get her eggs?

060331 Aren’t free-range eggs better than eggs from battery-cage

060405 A Visit to Two “Free-Range” Egg Facilities

060426 Skipping the Middle Animal - coming to terms with the fact
that plants are the source of all our nutrients

060508 PART I Humans are meant to eat meat. Just look at these
incisors in my mouth

060515 PART II Humans are meant to eat meat. Just look at these
incisors in my mouth

060530 Milk is a natural food, and cows naturally give milk, so what’s
wrong with drinking it?

060624 Response to: “If you were on a desert island and were
starving, I bet you’d eat meat” then: “I eat only meat from humanely
raised animals” and other statements based on hypothetical scenarios
and myths

060707 What about the insects killed for plant production - don’t you
care about them (and other tenuous arguments)

060711 Being a “Joyful Vegan”

060804 Response to: “Eating meat is my personal preference, and
since I respect your choice not to eat meat, I would appreciate your
respecting my choice to eat it”

060816 The Myth of the “Perfect Vegan”

060926 Eating Animals

061002 Favorite Foods - Non-Dairy Milks

061002 The Language of Meat

061011 10 Tips for Eating Vegetarian in Social Situations

061012 How humane are “humane” meat, dairy, and eggs?

061028 The Rise of the Excuse-itarians (or The Emperor’s New

061101 Transitioning to a Vegan Diet - or - Tips for Eating Healthfully

061106 Replacing Eggs in Cooking and Baking

061116 Talking Turkey

061126 Common Responses to Vegetarianism

061203 Speaking your Truth

061211 An Essential Vitamin – B12

061219 Don’t Give a Cow

061228 Five Favorite Foods - Quinoa, Kale, Blueberries, Tempeh, and

070108 Taking It All In

070120 Minding the Gatekeepers - or Meat is Not Neutral

070125 An Essential Mineral – Iron

070202 Mutilation - An Ugly Word, An Ugly Act

070217 Becoming Re-Sensitized

070222 Soy is Not Evil

070226 Life After Cheese

070301 Response to: “Why don’t you spend your time on people
instead of animals?” or “Why don't you care about humans?”

070319 What do Vegetarians Feed their Dogs and Cats

070327 Turning the Tables

070410 Eat Your Vegetables

070419 Peace for Pigs

070507 Teen (and College-Age) Vegetarians

070514 Like Animals

070522 Fish Consumption and By-Catch

070606 Grateful for Goats

070608 The Burden of Burros

070617 BBQs, Burgers, and Backyard Bites

070709 Animal Advocacy and Emotional Stress

070713 All About Tofu

070726 Leather - Not an Innocent By-Product

070731 Motherhood & Maternal Instincts

070802 The Practical Aspects of Being Vegan

070812 The High Costs of Cheap Meat

070820 Living Among Meat-Eaters - Part I

070826 The Fall of the Excuse-itarians (or The Emperor is Naked)

070907 Poetry’s Plea for Animals

070925 Raising Vegan Children - Social Situations

070927 On the Road - Traveling as a Vegan (with a Focus on Italy,
London, and – Florida)

070927 The Lottery

071015 Compassionate Clichés

071102 Thanksgiving FOR the Birds

071113 A Passionate Life

071120 The Slaughterer - A Short Story by Isaac Bashevis Singer

071130 Marks of Domination - The Branding of Human and Animal

071215 Favorite Foods – Beans!

080112 The Vegetarian Philosophy of Pythagoras, as told by Ovid in
“The Metamorphoses”

080114 To Florida - An Apology

080115 Acts of Forgiveness - What Humans Can Learn from Non-
Human Animals

080121 “I Eat Only ‘White Meat’” - In Defense of Chickens

080124 Are You Serious - Strategies for Good Communication

080129 The Anarchist - His Dog

080207 Definition – Vegan

080215 The Taming of the Cattle

080217 To Serve Man

080303 Five Favorite Foods - Carrots, Dates, Walnuts, Oats, Brussels

080307 Two-Year Anniversary Show - A Veritable Lovefest

080325 “Pig” - A Short Story by Roald Dahl

080415 The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

080416 The Safety of Supplements

080508 Living Among Meat-Eaters - Part II

080512 Beyond Lies the Wub

080605 Eating for World Peace

080612 How Does Your Garden Grow - (Without Animal Products)

080702 Greening Your Life

080723 The Boy Who Talked With Animals

080725 The Favors We Do Animals

080730 Conversations with Strangers (on Land and in the Air)

Re: “Food for Thought” 151 Folgen März 2006 bis Ende 2013

von apoll » Mi 12. Feb 2014, 17:42

080810 Honoring the Animals We Eat - Just Like the Native

080813 Blood - A Short Story by Isaac Bashevis Singer

080827 Drawing the Line - How Vegan is Vegan

080918 Celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving Without
Compromising Your Values

080921 Where do I get my calcium if I don’t drink cow’s milk?

081001 Little Boy Pig - A Genetically Modified Tale

081009 Food for the Road - Packed Lunches and Picnics

081103 The Compassionate Gift Guide – 2008

081211 Diseases of Civilization (aka “Lifestyle Diseases”)

081229 The Compassionate Bathroom

090129 Memorials to Animals

090204 Rabbit Tales

090303 The Compassionate Kitchen - Eating Healthfully Affordably

090308 Three-Year Anniversary Show - An Unabashed Lovefest

090409 Down with Feathers

090630 A Dog’s Tale - A Short Story by Mark Twain

090710 How to Read the “Nutrition Facts” Label

090715 The “Lethal Gifts of Livestock”

090727 Five Favorite Kitchen Tools

090825 My Evolution Through Cats - A Tribute and a Memorial to

091030 Man’s Place in the Animal World by Mark Twain

091106 The Color of Animals

091201 The Compassionate Gift Guide – 2009

100210 Art and Consciousness

100331 Favorite Food - For the Love of Lentils

100405 Finding Sanctuary

100429 Five Favorite (Japanese) Foods - Miso, Sushi, Agar, Sea
Vegetables, Shiitake/Maitake Mushrooms

100524 Losing Weight - Part One - Calorie Expenditure

100620 Critters on the Streets - When to Intervene (Part One)

100726 Losing Weight - Part Two - Calorie Reduction

100809 Critters on the Streets - When to Intervene (Part Two)

100831 The Shearing of Sheep

101014 Finding Abundance while Traveling in General (and in Ireland)

110106 How to Talk to Hunters (or anyone with whom you disagree)

110325 The Moral Crusade Against Foodies

110426 Vegan Outreach to Restaurants

110623 The Pleasures and Politics of Yellowstone National Park

111114 Big Vegan Finds in Little Places

111230 It’s a Girl! (and Other Announcements)

120111 The Newest Diet Fad: Paleo

120214 Vegan with Child - A Healthy Combination

120416 Six-Year Anniversary - An Uber Lovefest

120504 Responses to ‘I’m Vegan’ and How to Reply

120525 An Appeal to Mercy and Justice on Behalf of the Persecuted

120808 Disagreement is not Disrespect

120904 “Vegans are like Hitler” and other Logical Fallacies

120921 The 30-Day Vegan Challenge - Your Personal Guide for Living
Compassionately and Healthfully121011 I Don’t Eat Fake Meat - An Etymological Appeal for Living
(and Speaking) Compassionately

121030 A Journey Through England and Scotland Through the Eyes
of an Animal-Centric, Anglophilic, Literary Geek

121128 Re-Reading the Classics Through the Lens of Compassion -
Bambi and Frankenstein

121213 A Tribute to Schuster and Michael - Loved and Lost

130117 Seven-Year Anniversary - An Uber Lovefest

130214 Keeping a Vegan Home

130314 Vegan Dating

130408 From Consumption to Compassion - The Stages We Go
Through When We Stop Eating Animals and What We Need to Know
to Stay Hopeful and Joyful

130521 Verbal Vivisection - How Euphemisms, Oxymorons, and
Doublespeak Disguise Our Violence Against Animals

130619 ¡Adiós, Cordera! - An 1892 Spanish Short Story (Read in

130718 The End of the Food for Thought Podcast?

130801 What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals - Stage One -
Validation and the Voracious Consumption of Information

130905 Humane Montaigne (mon*tayne)

131006 What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals - Stage Two -
Guilt & Remorse

131107 What Happens When You Stop Eating Animals - Stage Three
- Coming Out

131118 A New Era for Food for Thought

131125 Being Vegan is a Means to An End. It is Not An End in Itself

131208 Creating a Foundation of Compassion

131221 Setting Boundaries, Reading Chaucer, and Talking Bees

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