Information in English is the website of the “Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich”, the Vegan Society Austria. Its main function is to inform and educate people about the issues dealing with the vegan way of living. It also organises public campaigns, vegan summerfeasts and demonstrations, and publishes its own magazine “” - the Vegan Society Austria is mainly working on a voluntary base and  bases its ideology mainly on animal rights, ecological issues, and health.

The interest towards vegetarianism, and veganism has been rising in Austria lately. This holds true especially in the case of young women. Approximately 3 % of the Austria people are vegetarians. The amount of vegans is not known. Estimations say that it could be 10 or less % of the vegetarians.

Austrian supermarkets, and local shops are usually fairly well-supplied with vegetarian ingredients. The situation is getting better all the time. Vegetarian and vegan food are available in many of the Finnish restaurants.

Useful vocabulary

  • I'm a vegetarian/vegan – Ich lebe vegetarisch/vegan.
  • meat - Fleisch
  • milk - Milch
  • egg - Eier
  • cheese – Käse

Vegan passport online (german version)

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